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We recruit for a wide variety of roles and we are always looking for new talent!

Senior Veterinarian Level 5

Be a part of something bigger Influence the next generation of the Veterinary Industry

At Our Vet we recognise our future depends on how we nurture great individual talent and provide an environment where people can flourish personally and professionally. At the core of Our Vet’s culture are a set of values that bring out the best in our people. Through collaboration with our people, our values, embracing our responsibility to our team, clients and their pets, we aim to create an environment in which our people are proud to work, and an extensive network of talent to support our client’s needs.

It’s time for you to focus your Veterinary skills outside the consult room, where your biggest KPI is care.

Working within a busy clinic environment with 7+ clinic team members with your extensive skillset with your 5+ years experience,you are able to spend more time in clinical and surgical practice through organising and delegating clinical tasks to your team. This role enables our Senior Veterinarians to contribute to the success of the Veterinary industry by developing others and passing on your knowledge to those who look to you as their coach, mentor and support guiding them on their journey to expand their clinical and surgical abilities. You are the leader of your clinic and the driver of the business. Leaders aren't responsible for the results. They are responsible for the people, who are responsible for the results. The reason why you look forward to the day ahead is to inspire, influence and support those around you.

Our Vet’s Senior Veterinarians have the experience to keep our operations running smoothly.

You are an innate leader with years of experience. You are strong, empathetic, determined and intuitive. You're focused on your team and revel in any opportunity to coach and develop them. You understand that the same approach will not motivate each and every person. But that doesn't matter: when it comes to providing motivation, you have that covered!

Regular ongoing mentoring from our regional management team – who are veterinarians themselves give you every opportunity to pursue your passion. Learning opportunities you can expect to gain from your mentor are complex procedure development in soft tissue and orthopaedics, team expansion and career path management as well as financial influence, how to understand the financials of a clinic and how can you influence them?


Senior Veterinarian Level 4

You will kept busy doing what you love - putting your extensive knowledge base and problem-solving skills to the test.

Our Senior Veterinarians enjoy the sense of autonomy and leadership opportunities this role affords, however there is a network of like-minded professionals to provide real time case discussion and drive your development into a strong leader and the best veterinarian you can be. Our Vet is dedicated to continually improving our practices, this is where you have the ability to shape our future!

We want you to take charge of your career, and you'll be able to do this through our CE Online learning program that delivers a range of training modules and resources. Of course these training modules are recognised by the AVA nationally, so you can feel sure that you’re learning will be recognised and contribute to your CPD.

Building on your 3+ years experience and extensive clinical skillset we are focused on your development lets work together and develop your competencies from Tier 1 surgeries to Tier 2. Working in combination with our online CE program and regular stretch challenges set with your Regional manager you will be presented with the tools and cases to grow.

Regular ongoing mentoring from our regional management team – who are veterinarians themselves give you every opportunity to pursue your passion. Learning opportunities you can expect to gain from your mentor are complex procedure development in soft tissue and orthopaedics, team expansion and career path management as well as financial influence, how to understand the financials of a clinic and how can you influence them?

Our Senior Veterinarians biggest KPI is care, we don’t expect late nights and on call rosters don’t exist in our clinics. We focus on development, leadership and passion! Our Senior Veterinarian roles are suited to driven experienced Veterinarians looking for their next challenge. Grow with us as you develop you become tomorrow’s industry leader.


Associate Veterinarian

You are in the driver’s seat of your development, together we will turn your foundation into a career in general practice.

Our Vet will provide you with the support and standards for you to pursue your passion with our clinics medical and surgical cases

Our Vet Associate Vets have the opportunity to be in control of their own surgical and medical cases, engage with our clients and their pets to develop lifelong relationships and immerse themselves in the Best Friends community to broaden their professional network. 

If you like the idea of learning the ropes from someone who has seen it all or sharing your vast knowledge, you'll appreciate our commitment to mentoring. We actively encourage mentoring across the network, and we'll make it easy for you to be involved and supported.

Tired of waiting for the interesting cases to be passed your way? Do you want the opportunity to influence your ongoing development plan and onsite mentor at your side? A role with Our Vet actually lets you be the real Veterinarian that you have trained for. Seize the opportunity to be a valuable integral member of our team and develop into Our Vets future leader!

As an Associate Veterinarian you are in control of your own destiny. What area of Veterinary Medicine are you passionate about? Within our network you can be the veterinarian you want to be, where will your career path lead you? Our Vet will provide exposure to the full range of opportunities that general practice can offer including exotics, wellness, complex surgery and leadership.


Graduate Veterinarian

First of all, congratulations.

You’ve made it. You’ve been introduced to countless tools and practices. You’ve made new discoveries, you’ve honed your skills, and now you’re ready and raring to give back to the community, solve mysteries and ease suffering.

What’s your next challenge? If you’re after new experiences, career growth, a full suite of high-end diagnostic tools and a focus on work-life balance, then we’d love you to take your next step with us.

If you’re considering a career with Our Vet, our Graduate Induction Program is where it all begins. We understand that every graduate is on their own unique journey and the transition from student to Doctor is an exciting but challenging time! That’s why our program is designed to allow you to establish your foundation in practicing veterinary medicine and explore your strengths and abilities further working as a general practitioner in Small Animal Medicine.

At Our Vet, we want you to discover the path that excites you most. After all, when you are exposed to cases in an industry you love, you’ll reach your potential that much faster.

It goes without saying that we’re looking for graduates who are passionate and curious – smart individuals who are seeking a challenging and rewarding career.

Here, you'll be part of an outstanding team working with an extensive and diverse case load with exposure to all small animal medicine including exotics. You’ll be introduced to cases that will stretch your thinking and you’ll have opportunities to learn and grow unlike anywhere else.

Our Vet’s commitment to Veterinary graduates:

  • We'll support you with ongoing training, structured development programs and dedicated mentors.
  • We'll offer you a career pathway that allows you to develop as fast as your ability allows.
  • Through our national network, we offer opportunities for interstate positions.
  • Our National Kitten Adoption programs give you the opportunity to use your skills for the benefit of the wider Best Friends Pets community.


Clinic Coordinator

Energy and drive to provide the best care possible to clients and pets with the smooth running of veterinary clinic.

Our Clinic coordinators have taken their veterinary nursing skills to the next level. They are responsible for ensuring that our veterinarians have everything they need to focus on their cases.

Clinic coordinators are the lifeblood of our practices, they arrange the flow of the clinics day, synchronize the nursing team with the veterinarians and are the custodian of great client experience. Working in collaboration with the Senior Veterinarian we can ensure that our clinics standards all always upheld, patient care is a priority and our clinics are a fantastic place to be.

No two days will ever be the same, but you know that! Clinic coordinators have a high level or resilience to deal with anything that a veterinary clinic can throw at them. Managing their nurse team, roster development and allocation of duties is just a small part of what they do.

Their caring, empathetic and very perceptive. They’re as good with people as they are with their pets.

As highly experienced nurses themselves having the confidence in the clinical aspects of nursing means you know they will be right amongst the action when needed, rolling up their sleeves and get with their endless energy and drive as a team player.

Their role is to pass on their skills and knowledge to our nursing team. Being the motivator, coach, mentor and sometimes support network they are motivator to ensure or nurses are always learning and pursuing their passion in veterinary nursing.


Veterinary Nurse

One part Animal Warrior, one part Shoulder to Cry On, and one part Detective is a perfect description of our Veterinary Nurses

We know that being a Veterinary Nurse means being a jack and master of anything that might walk, crawl be carried into a veterinary clinic.

In return for being the amazing first point of contact for our clients, the cheer squad for our team and the extra pair of ears, eyes and hands for our Veterinarians, Our Veterinary Nurses receive a rewarding and inspiring career where they have a unique chance to really make a difference to the lives of those around them.

Learning and development is a priority for our nursing team as they work through their learning schedule and have access to ongoing training and skills development through their management team. Our Nurses are responsible for ensuring our clients have an amazing experience each time they visit. They are always there to celebrate the happy moments like celebrating a new puppy or kitten joining the family or providing support and care in times of challenge. Our clients pets are cared for like our own fur babies and with our National Standards of care they are well looked after.

Our nurses are skilled in all tasks through the clinic, if there is something you would like to learn we would love to show you! We look for people with the passion and the right attitude, if you have that we will provide the training and development regardless if you have been in the industry 5 minutes or 15 years. You bring your amazing personality to our team and we will develop the rest.

Our clinics love having nursing students completing their placements in our clinics, it’s just another way for us to contribute to the industry and support the veterinary nurses of tomorrow.